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PetLynx Corporation is being re-branded as Urban Animal Corporation (the ‘Company’).

Urban Animal Corporation is a distributing Alberta corporation and non-reporting issuer. Urban Animal owns a world class online asset management and recovery utility that presently serves the pet owning consumer in Canada under the HomeSafe™ brand. The Company has invested C$7.8 million to develop a proprietary cloud based application that can recover lost or stolen pets automatically.

This HomeSafe utility has leveraged the human animal bond to gather 10% of the companion animal market in pre-commercial activities for hundreds of urban communities in Canada. Operating this digital lost & found utility for pets has allowed HomeSafe to develop and refine expertise to recover anything of value.

HomeSafe wishes to expand to reach every consumer with the lowest cost, best service for managing, protecting and recovering the things they value. From dogs and horses to cats and rabbits; From jewellery to vehicles; From phones to suitcases; From appliances to keys; Everything that has a serial number or that can be tagged, chipped and imaged may be managed, maintained and protected on HomeSafe.

The Urban Animal team has a proven reputation for building digital services, exploiting emerging markets, developing the user experience and exploiting paradigm shifts like those now present in the market. Today HomeSafe is the largest, fastest growing, most recognizable recovery service in Canada.

Activities conducted under brands such as ShelterLynx™, MyPetLynx™, AnimalTRACS™, DataSketch™, VetLynx™ and BreederLynx™ tested industry value chains and the consumer response to an online recovery service for lost, stolen or found pets. These automated, privacy compliant activities acquired the knowhow to support the ‘big idea’ Urban Animal Corporation now wishes to exploit.

HomeSafetm .......Lifelong protection for valuable things and peace of mind for people.

HomeSafe Recovery Utility:

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