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PetLynx Corporation is a distributing Alberta corporation and non-reporting issuer. PetLynx owns a world class information utility that presently serves the companion animal industry in Canada. PetLynx has invested $7.1 million to develop a cloud based, centralized animal record that connects all sectors of the urban animal industry. 
The PetLynx utility is a proven game changer that has registered 10% of Canadian cats and dogs as well as the active consumers who own them. This PetLynx achievement arose from being the first to exploit 'cloud computing' strategies to deliver automated recovery services to pet families. PetLynx is now the largest, fastest growing and most recognizable pet service brand in Canada.

PetLynx.......Lifelong protection for pets and peace of mind for people.

PetLynx Utility:

PetLynx Intelligence:

Urban Animal:

Urban Animal Conversations:



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PDF File PetLynx Core Values.pdf Things we believe Oct 26, 2012 by caballus
File The Next Big Thing SP - 04Jun.exe Video introducing PetLynx Jan 05, 2013 by Larry Evans


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